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We are serial entrepreneurs that absolutely love the intense thrill of a brand new launch. We are excited to share our expertise in branding, marketing, and advertising with our clients and we hold nothing back. Our clients success is our success. We have one main purpose; helping our clients take their idea and brand to the marketplace in style.

No matter what you are selling or creating, your brand needs to be attractive. We call this the attractor-factor.  We spend a lot of time and energy turning your ideas into an attractive brand that you will be proud to own, promote and invest in.

As you are probably aware, starting your own brand or private label business can be a gauntlet that can defeat and discourage even the biggest optimists.  With our vast experience with branding, marketing, and advertising, you will save lots of time AND money partnering with us. You can walk on the rocks we stumbled on. We are here to clear the path so you can run through the jungle with clear eyes and confidence.

We didn’t create an agency and then learn how to build brands. We created brands with buzz, that turned in to the necessity of creating an agency. We kept meeting people at trade shows and live events that were more than impressed to find out we owned our own brands.  Most of them were simply distributors of someone else’s brand.  Our success and expertise comes from building our brands that we started from scratch.  From a simple idea, to complete fruition.  After creating multiple brands and selling millions in sales volume, we knew we wanted to do something even bigger.   Our new mission is to help people like YOU with accomplishing your goals and dreams of owning and operating your own brand.

If you are serious, do not hesitate to sign up during our next registration opening.  One-on-one consulting spots are limited to 10 each session so we can spend the maximum amount of time on our new client’s projects.  Thanks again for your trust and we look forward to assisting you with your business goals. We recommend signing up during our next consulting registration launch so we can get to work right away on creating something magical TOGETHER.  You can expedite your process by checking out our DFY (Done for You) services as well.

We appreciate hearing from you. Let us know if you ever have any questions. You can reach us at the contact us form on this website or simply emailing us at support [at] brandabundance.com


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