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Amazon Brand Registry to Enhance and Protect your Private Label Brand

Today we’re going to dive in to why it’s important to become Brand Registered on Amazon and how you can become brand registered on Amazon! As Amazon tightens up its marketplace, getting brand registered on Amazon is critical to your brand . With Brand Registry, you can easily compete with some of the biggest brands in the world. Amazon has leveled the playing field, providing all sorts of seller tools and protections to Registered Brands. So what are the benefits?

  1. Your listing is protected from third-party edits. Many private label sellers don’t realize that pretty much anyone can suggest edits to the detail or content of your listing. With Brand Registry, the listing is locked to just you and Amazon itself. You have complete control of imagery, titles, bullets and descriptions.
  2. Access to Enhanced Brand Content. Enhanced Brand Content is great and will really give you an unfair advantage . You are able to create a much more beautiful and graphical Amazon listing, compared to just plain ole text you’re given if you are not registered! Enhanced Brand Content is also beautifully responsive on mobile devices (where most of Amazon customers actually shop). It helps enhance and line-out your Amazon SEO. You get more words and characters per listing which means your product can be indexed and ranked for more keywords. 
  3. Dedicated Pages to Showcase your Brand & Products on Amazon. These pages allow more detailed analytics so you can track outside traffic results. So if you run an Ad campaign (ie. Facebook, Google, Bing, etc), you can tag up your links and you’ll be able to see how much traffic and sales were generated from those specific ads.
  4. Brand Gating. Our own brands are “gated” which means if any seller wants to sell our products, they have to seek permission directly from us! This is the biggest benefit of all, as it prevents hijackers and counterfeiters from selling knock-offs and illegally competing with you on Amazon. 

So how do you get Brand Registered on Amazon?

The answer is… start a Professional Amazon Sellers Account and get a Trademark.  This is something that you should do anyway in order to fully protect your brand IP assets.  We get in to the importance of trademarks over here.

Note: You will have to apply for Brand Registry for each Marketplace you sell in. So don’t procrastinate, start organizing your Trademark today. Once you have it, visit Amazon’s Brand Registry Application Page to get started.

We look forward to assist you to meet your dreams and goals.  Contact us today to set up an initial consultation or go ahead and jump to the front of the line by scheduling us with our consulting application. ===> Apply Here.


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