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The 3 Key Pillars of an Attractive Viral Brand

Let’s discuss the importance of brand identity, brand attraction, and brand loyalty.

How do you implement these key fundamentals? What do they mean and how do they apply to you in building your business and brand? We want you to understand these in the most simple way.

1. Brand Identity is how the world sees you. How customers identify your brand and products or services from the crowded marketplace.  It is important for you to decide what your brand identity will be in the very beginning.  This way you can inject it into everything your brand does.  What are you the BEST at? What are the key benefits of your products?  When customers think of your brand…what do you want them to think about?

2. Brand Attraction is how the world is attracted to you, (and the value in that perception).  Your attractor factor could be what makes or breaks your brand. In order to attract, you must first become attractive.

3. Brand Loyalty is how the world responds to a good brand identity and attraction.  You can only get to this point if you have good products or services that people enjoy positive benefits from using or experiencing.  Brand loyalty is where word of mouth will kick in as well, thus further expanding your brand.  Once you have built a trust with your customers of providing the best experience. They will become attached to your brand for a lifetime.  This is apparent in your own life.  Just think of what brands you have purchased for years, and years.  What kind of deodorant, tooth paste or laundry detergent do you use.  What’s your favorite computer brand and why?  Who’s your favorite service provider, like chiropractor, therapists, auto mechanic, etc.  Why do you like it there?…  Good customer service?  Good deals?

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